MENS SUBS (Seniors & Reserves)



In 2020 we are approaching player subs differently (CLICK HERE for  2020 Subs Form).

A $100 subs deposit will be required prior to 14th March (our first practice match/intra club) if you intend to play in these matches (this ensures you are covered under the Clubs insurance policy).

The balance will be due by Round 1.


Player subscriptions are a small but important part to help fund the day to day operations of the Old Geelong Football Club, and help in assisting to pay for costs such as (but not limited to):

  • VAFA Affiliation Fees
  • Umpiring/Coaching
  • Medical Support Staff/Physio’s
  • VAFA Public Indemnity Insurance
  • Club Medical Insurance
  • Strapping/Tape Supplies
  • Council Fees
  • Pavlion Costs

Player subscriptions ensure you have full access to the Club’s medical insurance policy in event of injury.

By paying the subscriptions in full, and on time, you help to give the club every opportunity to achieve success in 2020.